Trip Free

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) set forth terms and conditions for using the services related to Trip Free (“Service”) provided by Bridge, Inc. (“Company”). You must read and agree to the entire Terms before using the Service.

Article 1 Application

1.1 The purpose of these Terms is to set forth the terms and conditions for using the Service and the rights and obligations between the Company and international visitors to Japan (“User”) with respect to the use of the Service. These Terms shall apply to any and all aspects of the relationship between the Company and the User in relation to the use of the Service.

1.2 If the User uses the Service, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to the entire contents of these Terms.

1.3 The Company may amend the contents of these Terms without advance notice to the User, and if the Company amends all or part of these Terms, such amendment shall be effective at the time when such amended terms are posted on the Company’s website ( (“Website”). If the User uses the Service subsequent to the amendment of the Terms, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to the terms after such amendment.

1.4 Any rules for the use of the Service posted on the Website shall constitute a part of these Terms and shall bind the Company and the User.

Article 2 Service

2.1 The Service refers to the service where the User can rent a SIM card (all SIM cards provided by the Company to the User through the Service shall be referred to as “SIM Card”) free of charge and make reservations for restaurants and cultural activities in Japan that are posted on the Service (“Reservation Service”).

2.2 The SIM Card rented by the User pursuant to the preceding paragraph may be used up to 500MB, an amount provided upon rental (“Initial Data Amount”).

2.3 Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding two (2) paragraphs, in each of the following cases, the User may use the following additional data amounts (“Additional Data Amount”) on top of the Initial Data Amount.

If the User purchases the data amount sold by the Company

Data amount provided for under the package plan prescribed by the Company

If the User uses the Reservation Service or completes settlement after receiving the SIM Card

100MB (data amount is subject to change)

2.4 The Service period shall be 168 hours after the User’s access to the Internet using the SIM Card; provided, however, that if an amount of data is added according to the provision of the preceding paragraph, the Service period shall be extended for 168 hours (which is subject to change) after such addition.

Article 3 Membership Registration

3.1 A person wishing to use the Service (“Potential Applicant’’) may apply for registration to use the Service with the Company by agreeing to comply with these Terms and providing certain information as specified by the Company (“Registration Items”) to the Company via the method prescribed by the Company.

3.2 If the Potential Applicant registers for a membership prior to entering Japan, he/she must apply for registration at least five (5) days (using Japan time as a standard) prior to the date of arrival in Japan. If the Potential Applicant registers membership after entering Japan and is able to receive the SIM Card on the spot, such Potential Applicant may apply for registration at any time during the stay in Japan.

3.3 The Company shall determine whether the Potential Applicant who has applied for registration pursuant to Paragraph 1 (“Applicant”) is registerable or not in accordance with the Company’s standards and, if the Company accepts registration, notify the Applicant of that effect. The registration of the Applicant as a User shall be deemed to have completed upon such notification.

3.4 Upon completion of registration provided for in the preceding paragraph, these Terms of Service shall be concluded between the User and the Company, as a result of which the registered User may use the Service in accordance with these Terms.

3.5 If an Applicant falls under any of the following items, the Company may refuse registration or re-registration of such Applicant without assuming any obligation to disclose the reasons therefor:

Registration Items provided to the Company are found to be false, inaccurate or omitted in whole or in part;

The Applicant is a Japanese national or foreigner residing in Japan;

The Applicant is a minor, adult ward, or person under curatorship or assistance, for which approval has not been obtained from the Applicant’s legal representative, guardian, curator or assistant;

The Applicant is determined by the Company to (i) constitute an Antisocial Force (referring to an organized crime group or a member thereof, rightist organization, antisocial force, or other similar person or entity; hereinafter the same shall apply), (ii) assist or be involved in the maintenance, operation or management of an Antisocial Force by way of financing or other means, or (iii) have any interaction or involvement with an Antisocial Force;

The Potential Applicant is determined by the Company to have been in violation of any agreements with the Company, or to have been involved with a defaulting party of any such agreements; or

The Company otherwise deems the registration to be inappropriate.

Article 4 Communication Area

4.1 The communication area of the Service shall be the same as the communication area of the communication operator. The Service may be used as far as the connected terminal device exists within the said communication area; provided, however, that even within the communication area, it may be unable to perform communication in places where radio waves cannot be easily transmitted, such as inside of the building, underground parking lot, in the shadow of the building, in the tunnel, or in mountainous regions.

4.2 If the User incurs damage due to the use of the Service, even when the Company is acknowledged to have been at fault, the Company shall only be responsible for direct and ordinary damage due to such fault and shall not be responsible for any other special damage.

Article 5 Effectuation of Settlement and Term

5.1 Of the Service, the services provided for in each of the following items shall be paid services (“Paid Service”). Upon use of the Paid Service, no refund shall be made for any reason whatsoever except for under the following circumstances:

When the User purchases Additional Data Amount based on Article 2.3

When the Company determines that the User has used 10MB or more after the data purchase

When the settlement is completed upon request for the Reservation Service

When the Company determines that a refund needs to be made.

Article 6 Return of SIM Card

6.1. Subsequent to the use of the Service, the User shall return the SIM Card to the Company in the manner set forth in the following paragraph. If the Company is not able to confirm that the SIM Card has been returned within the return period specified by the Company, or if the User has damaged or lost the SIM Card, the Company shall withdraw an amount of deposit designated by the Company from a credit card that the User has registered.

6.2 Upon return of the SIM Card, the User shall use the return envelope enclosed with the SIM Card. If the User returns the SIM Card with a different envelope, the mailing cost and envelope cost shall be borne by the User. Furthermore, the enclosed return envelope shall only be applied for domestic mailing service within Japan, hence if sent from outside of Japan, the mailing cost shall be borne by the User.

Article 7 Privacy

7.1 The Company may use cookies and web beacons for the Service for the purpose of providing better services to the User. The User may refuse or restrict cookies by changing the settings in his/her browser, although this may restrict the User in using the Service. The User may not be able to restrict the use of web beacons.

7.2 The Company shall not use the technologies provided for in the preceding paragraph for the purpose of obtaining personal information of the User. Please refer to the following explanations about cookies and web beacons.


Cookies are a system for temporary recording of data by a website provider on the website user’s computer through the web browser. Cookies may record information in relation to users of the website and other matters such as the date and time of the last visit to the website and the number of visits to the website. They are utilized as a system for distinguishing users of the website and authentication of User, and for customization of services to each User through the Internet.

Web beacons

Web beacons use clear picture files, scripts and other elements to indicate the state of User access, and are utilized in order to obtain statistical information on the state of website usage, etc. and for website user identification.

Use of statistical data as IR information

The Company may utilize for the purpose of promoting the use of the Company’s services and publish and disclose to the Company’s investors, as IR information, statistical data in relation to the use of the Service by the User such as the numbers of users and page views measured using cookies and web beacons. In any case, upon utilization and disclosure of statistical data, the Company shall convert such data to a form that does not enable identification of individuals.

Article 8 Handling of Personal Information

8.1 Upon providing the Service, the Company shall obtain the name, e-mail address, password of the User and all other information the User has permitted the Company to obtain (“Registered Information”).

8.2 The Registered Information shall be used for the following purposes:

For identity verification when logging in;

For providing information by e-mail and other means about the products and services of the Company or its group companies;

After it is converted to a form that does not enable identification of individuals, for preparation of statistical data and the like to promote utilization of the Company’s services;

For communication with the User as necessary in relation to the Service; and

For purposes of use associated with the purposes of use described in each of the foregoing items.

8.3 The Company shall not disclose or provide the User’s personal information to third parties, except in cases falling under any of the following items:

When the User gives his/her consent;

When the information is disclosed or provided as statistical data in a form that does not enable identification of User; and

When disclosure is authorized under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations.

8.4 To the extent necessary for the purposes of use set forth in Paragraph 2, the Company may outsource the whole or part of the handling of personal information obtained from the User, after taking the necessary measures for information protection.

8.5 If requested by the User to disclose, correct, add, delete, discontinue the use of, or erase the User’s personal information, the Company shall do so by the method specified in the Company’s privacy policy.

Article 9 Restriction, etc. on Assignment of Rights, etc.

9.1 The User may not assign his/her right to receive services based on the Service Contract or the SIM Card.

9.2 The User may not cause any third party to use the Service, for example by reselling the Service.

Article 10 Change in Contents and Termination of Service

10.1 The Company may change the contents of, or terminate the provision of, the Service due to circumstances of Company and a communication operator that the Company has concluded an agreement regarding the provision of the SIM Card to provide the Service (“Communication Operator”). In case of termination of the provision of the Service, the Company shall notify the User in advance.

10.2 The Company shall not assume any responsibility for damage incurred by the User due to measures taken by the Company in accordance with this article.

Article 11 Requirements for Use of Service

11.1 The following requirements shall be applied upon using the Service:

The Company shall specify an IP address to be used by the User in the Service. The User may not use the Service using any IP address other than such specified IP address.

The User shall comply with the following items with regards to the SIM Card.

(i) Unless approved by the Company, the User shall not disassemble or damage the SIM Card, reverse-engineer its software, or use it in any other way than the ordinary usage as the SIM Card.

(ii) The User shall manage the SIM Card with the care of a good manager.

The User shall return the SIM Card to the Company without delay if the use of the Service is terminated for any reasons or the User otherwise stops using the SIM Card.

If the SIM Card is lost or damaged, no replacement shall be provided by the Company. In such cases, the Company shall charge the User the amount of deposit specified by the Company.

In the Service, for the purpose of ensuring the quality of the Service and fairness in use as well as the provisions of other clauses in these Terms, the Company may restrict the use of communication of the User without advance notice to the User when the communication volume of the User within a certain period exceeds the standard separately specified by the Company. The User shall agree to this in advance.

Article 12 Restriction on Use

12.1 The Company may temporarily restrict the communication for unavoidable reasons from technical, maintenance and the Company’s business point of view, or due to the restriction of communication by Communication Operator based on the provisions of the terms of telecommunication service contract provided by the Communication Operator or the provisions of the contract executed between the Communication Operator and the Company. Further, the Service does not guarantee availability or delay time of its communication or any other communication quality.

12.2 In the event of the preceding paragraph, the User may not claim for damage against the Company due to the restricted communication unless such restriction is due to the Company’s willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Article 13 Restriction on Communication Time, etc.

13.1 In addition to the provisions of the preceding article, in the event the communication generates significant congestion, the Company may restrict communication time or use of communication in specific regions.

13.2 In the event of the preceding paragraph, in order to place priority on communication of subjects regarding disaster prevention or securement of reliefs, transportation, telecommunication, or power supply or the maintenance of public order that are required in times of emergency such as natural disasters or accidents, and communication of subjects regarding emergent measures required for public interest, the Company may take measures to suspend the use of communication (including the measures to suspend communication to user circuits, etc. in specific regions) other than the communication using the mobile radio devices used by organizations designated by the Internal Affairs and Communications Minister through public announcement based on the provisions of the Regulations for Enforcement of the Telecommunications Business Act (such mobile radio devices shall be limited to those specified through mutual consultation between the Company, agreed business operators or Communication Operator and the said organizations).

13.3 The Company may restrict or cut off the communication when the communication time exceeds the time designated by the Company within a certain period or the communication capacity exceeds the capacity designated by the Company within a certain period.

13.4 In order to ensure fairness among the User and smooth provisions of the Service, the Company may restrict the communication velocity and capacity using communication protocols that continuously and heavily occupy the bandwidth such as video replay and file exchange (P2P) applications.

13.5 In cases of the preceding four (4) paragraphs, the User may not claim for damage against the Company due to the restricted communication time, etc.

13.6 The Company may collect, analyze and accumulate information concerning the communication to restrict communication time, etc. as provided for in this article.

Article 14 Termination, etc. of Use

14.1 If the User falls under any of the following items, the Company may terminate the provision of or restrict the use of all or part of the Service related to the use by such User:

When the User breaches user obligations set forth in these Terms;

When the User uses the Service illegally or in a manner clearly against public order and morals;

When the User uses the Service in a manner posing significant obstacles to individuals directly or indirectly using services provided by the Company upon using such services;

When the User uses the Service in a manner which may damage the credit of services provided by the Company; or

In addition to those listed in each of the preceding items, when the User uses the Service in a manner the Company determines inappropriate.

14.2 While the Company does not contact the User to inform that the Company has taken measures to terminate or restrict the use based on the provision of the preceding paragraph, upon inquiry from the User to the support team of the Company, the Company shall, once the inquirer’s identity has been verified through a prescribed process, explain about the reason (relevant events listed in each of the items in the preceding paragraph), duration and recovery conditions, etc.

Article 15 Prohibited Acts

The User shall not perform the following acts upon using the Service:

Any act infringing any third party’s intellectual property rights and other rights. Any act violating any third party’s assets, privacy or portrait right;

Any act slandering any third party or damaging any third party’s honor or credit;

Any criminal act such as fraud and interference of any third party’s business, or any act inducing or instigating thereof;

Any act transmitting images or documents of acts of obscenity, child pornography and abuse, or act publishing thereof;

Any act linked to or highly likely linked to drug-related crime or abuse of controlled substances, or any act advertising unapproved drugs or advertising money lending without registration to engage in money lending business;

Any act of launching or soliciting others for a pyramid scheme (Nezumi-ko);

Any act of tampering or erasing any information that can be used by the Service, such as third parties’ websites;

Any act of sharing its own Registered Information with any third party or leaving such information to enable other persons to share;

Any act of using the Service by means of identity theft (including illegal use of other user’s Registered Information and tampering a mail header for falsification);

Any act of sending harmful computer programs such as computer viruses or leaving them in a state where other persons can access them;

Any act of writing advertisement and other things into the bulletin board (including web news, mailing lists, chat, and any other media) managed by any third party with contents or in a manner against the said manager’s intention;

Any act of sending e-mails for the purpose of advertisement or solicitation without consent of the recipient;

Any act of sending the recipient e-mails from which the recipient develops or may develop a feeling of disgust (harassing e-mails) without the consent of the recipient;

Any act of causing a third party to perform any illegal gambling or soliciting any third party for participation therein;

Any act of contracting, mediating or inducing (including engaging any third party in) illegal acts (assignment of hand guns etc., illegal manufacture of explosives, provision of child pornography, forgery of official documents, murder, intimidation etc.);

Any act of sending to an unspecified large number of people atrocious information such as images of murder scenes, information such as images of killing and abusing animals, or any other information that causes extremely disgusting feelings in others under normal social conventions;

Any act of inducing or soliciting any third party to kill him/herself or introducing suicide methods that are likely to cause danger to any third party;

Any act of encouraging to cause unspecified people to post information linked or highly likely linked to crimes or illegal acts or information unreasonably slandering or insulting third parties or violating privacy of third parties;

Any other act that the Company has determined to violate public order and morals or infringing the right of any third party;

Any act of accessing to any third party’s facilities, equipment, or machinery without authority;

Any act of using the Service in a manner giving excessive load to the server managed by any third party or hindering such management;

Any act of setting up a link in a manner encouraging any act while knowing that such act falls under any of the foregoing items;

Any other acts that violate laws and regulations or public order and morals, or significantly infringe the right of any third party; or

Any act that the Company has determined may fall under any of the foregoing items.

Article 16 Cancellation of Contract

16.1 The Company may cancel the Service Contract if the User falls under any of the following events:

When the User does not contact the Company even after seven (7) days have elapsed since the termination of use based on these Terms; or

When the use has been terminated based on these Terms and the Company determines that reasons for such termination on the side of the User cannot be resolved.

Article 17 Representations and Warranties about Antisocial Forces

17.1 The User represents and warrants that at the time of and subsequent to the conclusion of the These Terms he/she is not part of organized crime groups or companies or entities associated with organized crime groups or other antisocial forces (collectively “Antisocial Forces”) nor is he/she under control or influence of the Antisocial Forces.

17.2 If it is reasonably deemed that the User falls under any of the following items, the Company may terminate the Service Usage Contract without any notice.

The User is part of the Antisocial Forces;

The Antisocial Forces substantially involve in the User's management;

The User uses the Antisocial Forces;

The User is involved in the Antisocial Forces by providing funds or giving favors to the same;

The User is engaged in socially reprehensible relationship with the Antisocial Forces; or

The User personally or through a third party uses fraudulent means, violent behavior or threatening language towards related parties.

17.3 The User falling under any of the items in the preceding paragraph shall assume responsibility for any damage suffered by the Company as a result of such cancellation, and may not seek compensation from the Company for damage incurred by him/her.

Article 18 General

18.1 Even if it is determined that any of the provisions hereunder violates laws or is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions hereof shall remain valid and enforceable.

18.2 The Company’s rights arising under these Terms shall not be waived unless the Company expressly notifies the User that the Company waives its rights.

18.3 These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court shall be the only agreed court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute relating to these Terms or the Service or any dispute relating to any and all rights and obligations arising based on the Service.

18.4 Any cause of action with respect to the Service must be instituted within one (1) year after the cause of action arose.


Formulated on [07 01, 2017]