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About our Service:
Trip Free

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"Trip Free" is the Initial free SIM Card Service provider in Japan!

- We provide data traffic up to 500MB at no cost.

- We provide additional 100MB for free and be credited to your SIM card when you make restaurant reservation through our service "Trip Free" (There restaurants in Japan have been carefully selected by us)

- For heavy internet users, also have option to purchase additional data traffic through our online form.

- We are here first to provide data communication environment and high quality food & restaurant experience in order to fulfill your traveling time in Japan

What can we do with 500MB ?

Img map

Map Application

able to navigate for about 150 times.

Img website


able to browse about 900 pages.

Img video


able to watch for about 4 hours.

How to use

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Once receive the SIM card, please login with ID and Password used to signup to our service, Without Login, not able to use our service.

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Please setup the SIM card.
Please look here for setup process

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100MB be credited to your SIM card when you make reservation to the restaurants through us.
For heavy users, also have option to purchase the data traffic and be credited to your SIM card
Bigger the size of purchase units, it will be better deal.


QThis is my first time to use oversea SIM card. Any Difficulty to setup?
APlease check here.
We have instruction for iPhone and Android
QIf I need to cancel restaurant booking, what can I do?
APlease contact here:
QIf I want more data traffic without booking restaurant, what can I do?
AAble to purchase additional data traffic after login as well.

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