Trip Free

Free rental SIM card service

Trip Free will stop the services at the end of March 2019. We thank you for your support until now.

Point 01

500MB/ 7 days For Free

What can I do with 500MB?
Point 02

Share to your SNS, invite your friends or fill up the survey to earn free data (Up to 300MB!)

Point 03

Booking every restaurant or activity, you get extra 100MB for free

Point 04

You can pick up the SIM card at the airport or your hotel

Point 05

Easy step to return the SIM card

All you need to do is sending it back by putting it in the mailbox

Point 06

You can buy more data!

100MB / 300JPY
200MB / 540JPY
Unlimited 1650JPY

*can also extend the expiration date

How to use

Please apply before coming to Japan

Step 01


Apply for the SIM card before arriving in Japan.
If you book one restaurant you can get extra 100MB data!

Step 02


After arriving in Japan, pick up the SIM card at the post office in the airport or at your hotel.

Step 03


After inserting the SIM card, please follow the instructions on the document in the same envelope to set up the SIM card.

Step 04


After inserting the SIM card, connect to the internet and SIGN IN.
If you signed in successfully, then the authentication is complete.
If not, you won't be able to use the free 500MB data nor load other websites.

Step 05


Return the SIM card before leaving Japan
Put it into the returning envelope and put into any mailbox.
If you didn't return the SIM card, we will charge you 2200 yen deposit.

What can we do with 500MB ?

*Depends on usage, the numbers might be different. Below information is only for your reference.

Case 01

Map Application
500 times

Case 02

2000 pages

Case 03

4 hours

Contact Us

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※ We can only address emails during 10am~7pm on weekdays. (Japan time)
We will reply one by one and when there are too many emails, it might take some time, please understand.


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