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Bridge, Inc. ("the Company") carries out a range of information provision services by discounting the cost of anything about trip and providing the good information.

In order to protect and appropriately handle personal information received by us from customers of the various types of services, the Company has established a personal information protection management system, and has prescribed the following Personal Information Protection Policy. All officers and employees working in the Company are familiar with this Policy, and we strive to appropriately protect personal information in accordance with the Policy.

1. Establishment of Personal Information Protection Management System

The Company has established a management system to protect personal informationreceived in its business activities.

2. Acquisition, Utilization and Provision of Personal Information

When acquiring personal information in its business activities, the Company specifies the purpose of utilization of the information in advance. It appropriately handles the utilization and provision of the personal information.

In addition, it prohibits the utilization of personal information for purposes other than those in accordance with laws and regulations, and takes measures to that end.

3. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Standards

The Company complies with laws, regulations, guidelines formulated by the State, and other standards in relation to the handling of personal information, and has established Personal Information Management Rules in accordance with those laws, regulations, guidelines, and other standards.

4. Implementation of Security Management

In order to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, the Company implements reasonable measures corresponding to anticipated risks, including management of access to personal information, restrictions on means of taking out personal information, and preventive measures against unauthorized access to personal information from outside the Company, and it strives to prevent leaking, loss or damage to personal information. These security measures are periodically reviewed and revised.

5. Handling of Disclosure, etc., Complaints and Consultations related to Personal Information

If the Company receives a request from an individual in accordance with its published procedures relating to personal information to disclose, correct, add to or delete, or disallow the use or provision of personal information of the individual concerned, or a complaint or request for consultation in relation to such personal information, it will respond promptly, after appropriate confirmation of the individual’s identity.

6. Establishment, Implementation, Maintenance and Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System

The Company makes its officers and employees working in the Company aware of the importance of protecting personal information. In addition, for the proper utilization and protection of personal information, it has established a personal information protection management system and faithfully carries out, supervises, maintains, and continuously improves the management system.

Established: June 1, 2016
Bridge Inc.