About How to get the SIM card

  • Can you send the SIM card to places outside of Japan?
  • Sorry,we can't. We can only send it to post offices in main airports in Japan, or hotels/airbnb..in Japan.
    Please check here for SIM card receiving instructions and main airport list. http://trip-free.com/pickup

  • When I arrive at the airport, the post office will be closed. What should I do?
  • If your arriving time is beyond the opening time of post office in the airport, you can't pick up
    SIM card at the airport. Please choose to pick up at your hotel.
    Please check here for post office opening time at main airports. http://trip-free.com/pickup

  • How can I get my SIM card at post office in the airport?
  • Please check here for main airports: http://trip-free.com/pickup
    The name on the envelope is the same as the one you registered, please show your passport to the
    staffs in the post office to get your SIM card.

  • If I cannot pick-up at the airport, what happens if I don't have the internet with me
    on the way to the hotel?

  • We are sorry about that. Please search the route and the transportation
    on the way to hotel beforehand or use the free wi-fi provided by the airport or the station.

  • If I want to receive SIM card at hotel/airbnb..should I contact the hotel/airbnb
    host by myself in advanced?

  • If it is a hotel with counter, you don't have to contact the hotel by yourself in advanced.
    However, please contact airbnb host if you stay in airbnb by yourself.

  • Is it possible to change the place where I want to pick up the SIM card?
  • Yes, you can revise it at least 7 days before the day you arrive in Japan.
    After logging in, you can revise it in "Mypage."
    After 7 days before your arrival, you cannot revise it.

  • Can I cancel my Sim card order?
  • Yes, you can cancel it at least 7 days before the day you arrive in Japan.
    After logging in, you can cancel it in "Mypage."
    If you want to cancel it in less than 7 days before your arrival, please contact us: info@trip-free.com

  • What should I do if I cannot pick up the SIM card on my arrival day?
  • If you don't cancel your registration of SIM card at least 7 days before your arrival
    in Japan and do not get your SIM card, we will charge 540yen as postage.
    (If you don't cancel it and with no contact at all, we will charge the deposit fee
    when we make sure that we don't receive it.)

About SIM card

  • Is there expiration date of the SIM card?
  • 7days. If you buy extra data, the expiration date will be extended for 7 days from the day you buy it.

  • What will happen to the SIM card after it expires?
  • After the SIM card expires, the speed of the internet will be lower.
    But if you buy new data, the expiration date will be extended and the speed will go back to its original rate.

  • How much data can I use?
  • At the beginning, you have 500MB FREE data to use.
    After that, each time you book a restaurant through our site, 100MB extra FREE data will be added to your SIM card.
    Besides, you can buy extra data for the amount you need.

  • What can I do with 500MB?
  • ・able to browse around 900 pages.
    ・able to watch for around 4 hours.
    ・able to navigate for around 150 times.

  • What kinds of size of SIM cards are there?
  • Nano,Micro,Mini(Standard).

  • What's the speed of the internet?
  • It's standard speed. OK for normal use.

  • Do I need to return the SIM card?
  • Yes, you have to return the SIM card.
    Please use the return envelope to send back the SIM Card.
    And please send it back before your leave Japan.
    In case we don’t receive your SIM Card after 5 days from your departure date, you will be charged 2,200 yen from your credit card.

  • Can I get more than 1 SIM card at once?
  • One SIM card for one person.

  • What should I do if I want to use more data?
  • You can buy extra data from "my page."

  • What is IMSI?
  • IMSI’ is 15 characters on the backside of SIM card case.
    (For those who order SIM card in advanced, IMSI is not needed.)

About SIM card setting

  • Why can't I access the internet?
  • About the setting guide please check here. (http://trip-free.com/setting)
    If you still can't set it up, please try to turn on and off the airplane mode, or restart your cell phone.
    If you still couldn't access the internet, please contact us! (info@trip-free.com)

  • (For iOS device) I can't install the profile.
  • Please check if your phone is connected to any wi-fi or internet.
    If you already installed other profiles in your phone, try to delete them and install new profile again.

  • (For Android device) I can't set the APN.
  • About settings, please check here.(http://trip-free.com/setting)
    And please insatll this APP(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trip_free.apn)
    After you click the button""OPEN SETTING"", it will access to the setting page of your device.
    Then please add a new APN as below:
    (Username can be anything)

    APN : soracom.io
    Username : sora
    Password : sora

    If you cannot connect to internet and can't download the app,
    please follow the following steps to the edit page of "Access point Names."
    [Setting] → [Wireless and network] → [Mobile networks] → [Access Point Names] → [New APN] → [Edit access point]"

About data buying

  • Will the expiration date be extended after I buy extra data?
  • Yes. If you buy extra data, the expiration date will be extended for 7 days from the date you buy it.

  • Can I cancel it and get refund after I buy extra data?
  • Yes, you can. Please contact here.
    But if you already used more than 10MB of the extra data you newly bought, you can't get the refund.

  • Can I use any kinds of credit cards to buy extra data?
  • VISA, Master, AMEX, Diners, JCB

About Trip Free

  • What is Trip Free?
  • Trip Free is a free rental SIM card service. You have 500MB for free for each SIM card.
    After that, each time you reserve a restaurant on our website, 100MB free data will be added to your SIM card! Besides, you can also buy extra data from our website.
    Please be aware that it is a rental SIM card.
    Please send it back to us with the returning envelope which is enclosed in the original envolope before leaving Japan.

  • What restaurants are there on Trip Free website?
  • You can check restaurants after regeistering. You can search restaurants which are revealed on Trip Advisor.

About reservation

  • Can I cancel the reservation?
  • Yes, you can. Please contact 'info@trip-free.com'

  • Can I change the reservation?
  • Yes, you can. Please contact 'info@trip-free.com'

  • If I cancel the reservation after I get the extra data, will I still be able to use the extra data?
  • No, 100MB will be deducted from your SIM card.

  • Is there any other language besides English?
  • We offer our service in both English and Chinese.

  • What happens if I don't go the restaurant without canceling?
  • 100MB will be deducted from your SIM card.